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15,220,700 SMS
69,000,000 WhatsApp messages
12,000,000 iMessages
149,513 emails
240,000 Facebook photos
1,000,000,000 Facebook stories
65,000 Instagram posts
695,000 Instagram stories
575,000 Tweets
2,083,333 Snaps
500 hours of YouTube videos
being pushed out every minute, breaking through the content clutter to win over audiences’ attention is no easy feat.

We can change that!

We help you fine-tune your voice and amplify your messages so that you are seen and heard, loud and clear.

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Copywriting + Content Writing

We articulate your ideas and concepts into compelling phrases and strategically string them together to craft engaging content and copies that will ultimately transform even the most unaware targets into loyal consumers.

Editing + Proofreading

There is only so much even AI-powered spell check tools can achieve. From ensuring that your text is free from grammatical errors to refining your words so that they are accurate and coherent, our veteran editors help you create top-notch copies and content.

Translation + Transcreation

Our expert translators, who are well-versed in both English and Chinese, help your brand retain the authenticity in its voice by ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation.

Content Strategy

We audit your brand’s existing content, identify gaps, and devise an all-encompassing content strategy that can be the life force of your marketing campaign and drive key business objectives.

We work with businesses of

all shapes and sizes


Whether you are a start-up trying to build your reputation from scratch or an established conglomerate looking to rebrand, we leverage the primitive yet extremely powerful tool of language to help you scale your business and steer it in the right direction.

Our Process

Step 1:
We get into your head.

We will hop on an introductory call with you to understand your business as well as its offerings, goals, target audiences, competitive edges, and content marketing objectives among other important details to get up to speed.

Step 2:
We investigate.

We will channel our inner private detectives and use our investigative skills as well as that of Google’s to get knee-deep in research to better understand your industry, competition, and target audiences.

Step 3:
We strategize.

We can go the extra mile and put together an all-encompassing content strategy that we will use as a framework to achieve your content marketing goals.

Step 4:
We write.

After pinning down the direction, deliverables, and timeline, we will roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Step 5:
We refine.

Once the writing process is complete, we will edit and refine our work based on your feedback until it meets the standards of perfection.

Why us?

"At Phraser, we are never lost for words. Our diverse team of writers possess years of knowledge, experience, and judgement to know exactly what to say to command audiences’ attention and get them to take the desired action."

Faristha Kanakkapillai
A profile photo of Faristha, the founder of content writing and copywriting agency Phraser.

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

Faristha had written for me and my group of companies for over two years. Although we had three Content Writers, Faristha was always my first choice when it came to high-priority writing tasks. Not only did she consistently deliver excellent work on time, but she also had an enthusiastic and pleasant personality that made working with her all the better. If you’re looking for a talented Content Writer, Faristha’s the one. I know I wouldn’t hesitate to work together with her again in the future.
Andres Pira
ForbesBooks Author
Photo of client
Faristha may well have written over 10,000 words for me to date in LinkedIn posts, website content, and two books. With English as my second language, I prefer the imperfections and wanted someone to capture my voice exactly as it is, which Faristha does perfectly as if she can see through my heart. She edits my work, mirrors my writing style, and more importantly, gives me the confidence to write more. I’m so glad to have found my soulmate in writing whom I’ve sought for over 15 years.
Wendy Nguyen
Profitability Coach
Photo of client
I would like to thank Faristha for her excellence in creating SEO English articles for our blog. She has proven to be extremely professional, pays attention to details, and responds in a timely manner. She has played a pivotal role in helping me turn complex content drafts into ones that are concise, easy to read, and easy to understand. I recommend her highly if you are looking for a professional content writer who can contribute valuable content to your website.
Rain Shum
Former Content Marketing Manager | jobsDB
Photo of client
I found it simply effortless to work with Faristha on my website copy, LinkedIn content, and email sequences. She always ‘gets it’, is a delight to work with, and simply nails the copy EVERY single time. I love how her brain works! She perfectly captures the brief and it converts to leads and ultimately sales for me. I highly recommend her services!
Helen Robinett
Executive Leadership Coach
Photo of client
I have been working with Faristha since the very beginning of my coaching project and all I can say is that she is the most hardworking, committed, and talented editor I have had the pleasure of working with. Her impeccable editorial instincts and professional ethics make her irreplaceable in her field.
Maryia Oayda
Business Transformation Coach
Photo of client
Faristha is a fantastic writer who is gifted with words. Her style is unique yet versatile. Not only are her works entertaining, but they are also so eloquent that they can get you to drop whatever you are doing, pack your bags, and fly to a tropical paradise in any corner of the world.
Dean Kelly
Founder | Travelbook
Photo of client
I had the pleasure of working with Faristha on my new personal branding website and she exceeded my expectations. She quickly picked up my tone and wrote beautifully. She was easy to communicate with and responsive. We are using her for ongoing content. If you struggle with copy and need your voice protected, I highly recommend Faristha.
Paul Higgins
Founder | Build Live Give
Photo of client
Working with Faristha was effortless. She understood my business quickly and was able to capture what I wanted to say succinctly, pulling together a beautifully written website. Faristha’s copywriting skills are outstanding, delivered on time with minimal changes. I highly recommend her and her capable writing skills.
Wendy Tansey
Leadership Coach
Photo of client
If you’re interested in creating content that turns browsers into readers, readers into followers, and followers into customers, then Faristha is your go-to girl. She has outstanding writing skills, and her eye for detail combined with her ability to express seemingly complicated concepts and ideas in very entertaining and easy-to-understand writing makes her a very valuable person in any marketing team. I can confidently vouch for Faristha as a brilliant writer. I have no idea how she does it!
Roy Dopaishi
Digital Marketer & Trainer
Photo of client
Faristha has proven herself to be a diligent writer, notorious for constantly seeking inspiration to write thrilling content. Her writing style is precise and entertaining, at times I’ve been left smiling through my teeth after reading her tactful use of humour. Her superhuman ability to manage time and consistently meet deadlines stands her in excellent stead in her quest to prove her talent.
Amit Genaje
Digital Growth Hacker
Photo of client

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